Boat Insurance

Want your boat covered at sea and on shore? We understand that boating mishaps don’t just happen at sea. That’s why the insurance we can arrange not only covers many types of boats but also covers them in and out of the water. When it comes to insuring your boat and protecting others, never underestimate the importance of good advice. Why pay for insurance that you don’t need or find out that you are underinsured when it comes to the crunch. We can arrange cover for your powerboat, cruiser, yacht, houseboat or catamaran and it will cover your hull, contents, accessories and equipment, sails, motors and boat trailer. You have the flexibility of choosing cover that’s right for you. You can select either comprehensive boat insurance and/or boat liability insurance.

Comprehensive boat insurance includes your liability cover as well as loss or damage to your boat caused by events such as accidental loss or damage, fire, theft, malicious damage or storm damage.

Liability insurance covers you for amounts you must legally pay for injury or death of another person or loss or damage to their property caused by your boat.

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